GTT Help Vindon go digital
GT Team are replacing Vindon's analogue monitoring systems.
Working closely with Vindon's technical team, GT Team are developing bespoke boards to digitalise Vindon's environment cabinets. Dramatically reducing their support, costs and bringing higher monitoring accuracies.
New CMS for CFS
The Cheshire Fire Service digital is getting upgraded.
Working closely with Cheshire Fire Service and their communications team, GT Team are managing and redeveloping the Cheshire Fire Services Intranet and Internet communications and content management systems to improve internal and external communications.
IPS look to GTT for rugedized PC's
IPS is upgrading it's PC systems and is looking for a more robust and sustainable solution.
GT Team is currently designing and building the next generation of IPS warehouse based machines. Ruged, fast and able to withstand the daily operations of the IPS warehouse environment. Our touch screen, slim-line, ruged kiosks are the perfect solution.

Microsoft’s Tatarinov: no-one serious is doing cloud ERP! .. We are!

1639 days ago

Just moved offices to Floor 22 City Tower. Piccadilly Plaza: awesome view!!

1641 days ago

Updated our website finally, it's hardest to work on your own stuff, but we managed to show a bit more of what we do!

1989 days ago

GTTeam are currently working on a new and exciting taxi project in Manchester. Details to be released shortly..

2031 days ago

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