Hardware Development at GTTeam HQ

Rugged PC's for tough environments

Our PC's are designed to run in the toughest of locations. Warehouses, taxis, Airports..

Low voltage and low power requirements, custom built with as many com ports and usb ports as the client requires. All fully solid state

They are also designed to run on 12 volt car battery's with CE marks for automotives

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Touch Screen Kiosks for working environments

Our touch screens are designed to run in the toughest of locations. Warehouses, Retail shop, Airports..

Stylishly design and rugged, they can cope with the most demanding working environments including building and construction sites.

Fully touch screen and wireless enables, they can also be fitted with 3G for out of range operations such as externally to your restaurant.

This product range comes in 3 sizes. Small desktop / End of Line, half height and full height models.

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Purpose built, bespoke circuit boards and controller boards

For clients with legacy hardware such as analogue machinery and cabinets we can build purpose build boards to digitize your business

We offer a full service including reviewing your current hardware, analysing the circuitry and designing and testing circuit boards.

Once delivered we can develop software to control and manage your systems either by touch screens on the systems themselves, or remotely.

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Specialised displays and input devices

We can source and integrate a vast range of specialised hardware items for projects such as in taxi advertising

We sourced touch screen headrests from our suppliers to fulfil a taxi project which allows passengers to interact with the adverts.

We also source specialised mini touch screens, and various devices. If you have a requirement, we can find it!

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